November 22, 2017

About Us


Our Goals

  • Constructing and operating of a cell therapy center capable of receiving over 3000 patients per year
  • Increasing the list of treatable diseases from 5 to 13 in only 5 years
  • Constructing and operation of 3 cell therapy centers in 5 year s
  • Conducting 10 clinical trials for new products
  • Conducting research, development and implementation of a bioreactor culture method

Our Strategies

  • Promote the use of allogeneic transplantation rather than auto logous transplantation
  • Establish several cell therapy centers
  • Improving the process of stem cell manufacturing by automated mechanisms
  • Developing novel applications for stem cell therapy
  • Exploring and treating new diseases in local and global levels
  • Transfer technology of cell therapy and stem cell manufacturin g to inside and outside of the country

Our Approach

The overall goal of Cell Tech Pharmed company is to advance access to the highest quality of care in the area of stem cell technology, to improve the body’s ability to regenerate, reduce pain and ultimately provide a better quality of life.

Our Vision

Our overarching aim for the next 5 years, is the development of novel stem cell therapies targeting areas to treat 20,000 patients with 13 unmet or poorly met medical needs.


Our Technology

While cell replacement offers hope for the treatment of incurable diseases in the long term, CTP company is based on the cellular and clinical research to develop and promote the stem cell therapeutic medicines and industries over the globe. We are an advanced, stand-alone stem cell therapy center offering tissue-derived stem cells, cultivate the stem cells in bioreactors, along with proprietary cell culture media, antibody reagents, molecular tools and using a variety of in vitro tissue models for demonstrating the authentic biological properties of human cells in target organs.

Our Mission

Cell Tech Pharmed’s mission is to inspire interest in the promotion of treatment for unmet medical needs through novel therapeutics, tools and technologies that hold the promise of better treatments and cures. Cell Tech Pharmed is derived by an unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity and innovation as we strive to improve worldwide health and well-being.