Tooth stem cells implantation to regenerate injured dental pulp

Dental pulp necrosis or dental nerve damage is one of the most common pathological diseases that can lead to tooth loss. So far, there have been only two treatments for this disease. The rotten tooth was diagnosed by a dentist to be Endodontic therapized or taken out.

However the regeneration of dental pulp is proven to be a difficult process. In a new study conducted by Xuan et al in University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and Fourth Military Medical University, tooth stem cells have been extracted from the deciduous teeth and transplanted ex vivo cultured autologous tooth stem cells in two animal models and in human patients.

In this study, dental pulp reconstruction involves improving dentin producing cells, blood vessels and nerves in the implanted teeth and decreased sensitivity to stimuli. This work shows that dental stem cell transplantation can partially improve damaged teeth.

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